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Ego Twist Instructions


eGo-C Twist

One Battery - Various Voltage Choices

The inner smart Buck BOOST converter can adjust voltage from 3.2 volt to 4.8 volt.

Choose the voltage that works best for you and vape to your satisfaction!

-A fully charged eGo-C Twist variable voltage battery will provide approximately 6 hours of vaping.

-It takes 2-3 hours to be fully charged using fast USB charger for eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C!

-Using the battery at a higher voltage output will drain the battery quicker than when using it at a lower voltage.

-Be careful not to damage atomizers/cartomizers. Driving them with too much power for too long or running them dry can burn them out.

-We recommend you starting with a low voltage setting and working your way up until you find the right setting for your atomizer/cartomizer.


How to adjust the output voltage?


-There are 8 grids on the knob at the bottom, and each represents 0.2.

-Spin the knob in a clockwise direction to increase output voltage and spin the knob in anti-clockwise direction to decrease output voltage.

-High output voltage gives more vapor. You can adjust the output voltage so easily and enjoy the whole vapor time.


-Generally, the battery is shipped in the off position. In off position, it will not function even when pressing the button.

-To turn on battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see white LED flash.

-To turn off battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 second as well, the white LED will flash!

-"5-click protection" can protect the battery from being activated when you do not want or do not use it. No more firing in your pocket!

Pass through button

When pressing the button on a manual battery, users are urged to depress the button in a straight down manner with light pressure.

Pass through button

Pressing from the bottom or sides, as well as using too much pressure can result in damage to the button or the pressure switch inside the unit.




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